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Innovative features of WeChat

If we talk about innovative features into applications of messaging or chat, we must recognize that among all the apps highlights WeChat. knows some of the best features of WeChat for iPad and WeChat for iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus.

features WeChat for iPad or WeChat for iPhone 6 plus

Bottle to drift

This feature seems to me to be very fun. Bottle to the drift is the most enjoyable way to meet new friends or WeChat users. With this feature we can throw messages as if shipping a message inside a bottle and the bottle we ought therefore to the sea hoping that someone close and open the message you want to talk with us. A function is really interesting and that makes a difference with other messaging apps.

This function has been replaced in new versions. How to use Wechat app for iPad.


With this feature we can share the best moments with your friends. Some photos of our trips or snapshots of fun moments. It's like having a small social network within our chat app. To see your shared moments select "Settings", "my time" and will appear in order.


In between all the functions of WeChat, shake is one of the newest features. From my point of view, it is a complement to the bottle to the drift. With this function and provided that we have enabled the service to share location, we can shake our Smartphone to locate other users of WeChat that are close to us and are shaking your Smartphone. For this to be possible it is necessary that other users also have the active role of location sharing.

Friend Radar

Another curious way of locating friends is using this function. To activate the function we can locate on the radar to WeChat users who use the same function.

Favorite Messages

Now with this function you can access the list of our favorite messages. It is like a small album memory of messages or a compilation of our favorite messages.

WeChat sets distances from other messaging apps with these functions. Other chat applications are generally more conservative.

WeChat also has all other functions common in other apps. As:

  • Live chat

  • Video calls

  • Voice calls

  • Copy of history

  • and in the case of WeChat Facebook connect