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Apple has thousands of applications of all types.

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This application is being used by more than 2 million people, in order to have your device is desirable to have a task manager on our device as the application is clear, which is one of the best that we can find on the market today, is an application sencialla in its management and very intutiva, in little time you will be very easy to learn to handle it correctly.

There are three applications by excellence of messaging, WhatsApp, Line, Wechat, it is clear that they are not the only ones there are in the market, but will start to talk about these three threshing and we will continue in the future more messaging apps.


WeChat for iPad. As might be expected China is no slouch in this of the instant messaging apps, everything copied and mimic everything and, as it could not be otherwise, the birth of Wechat has meant a new competitor in the ranking of the mobile messaging.

apps for ipad - WeChat

Following in the footsteps of Line, the platforms on which acts Wechat are: Ios, Windows Phone, Android, Blackberry OS. If we gathered WhatsApp and Line, and we get the best of each, we get the brand new Wechat, to say that in this app is the best of the best of the previous two applications, i have even been allowed the luxury of adding new and innovative options. With it you can chat, share photos, videos, and make VoIP calls.

WeChat without phone number

The record in this app is very similar to WhatsApp, because this is done using the phone number, but the particularity is in the register, which gives you a PIN as in BBM Messenger in order to chat with people who don't know or which don't want to give your phone number. The interesting thing comes when you use the option "shake", which when shaking the mobile search contacts close to it, and that are around us to be able to talk with them in a totally anonymous, is a good way to fill your address book contacts, either people known or unknown.


  • Support for IOS, Windows Phone, Android, Blackberry OS.

  • Sending pictures, videos, audio notes, contacts, locations, etc.

  • Simplicity for contact with anonymous people to our to our around, just by shaking the terminal.

  • Scan QR codes Messaging

  • particular messaging or in groups.

It must be said that Wechat is completely free and that the advertising is conspicuous by its absence, being a great competitor in the field of the instant messaging apps, can now tremble WhatsApp and Line.

WhatsApp for iPad

WhatsApp, the app used by 500 million person in the world , in its latest update "version 2.11 .12" optimized for iOS 8 reports that only corrects minor faults.

apps for ipad - WhatsApp

In this update is to enable the backup to save in iCloud a copy of the conversations and attachments to these, as they can be photographs, videos and audio clips, thus having the opportunity to get all the information again by if we restore, we change or we will lose the iPhone.

Another important feature that users and shouting to, is the encryption of messages. In its early days the security in the sending of messages was very precarious, and may be intercepted messages by people with a minimum of knowledge. Today this problem has been corrected by making all data sent by the network of mobile data tariff, as well as for the Wifi network are encrypted and encrypted to prevent theft of data by third persons.

We must bear in mind that WhatsApp is the app messaging most downloaded for Android. This fact coupled with the domain of the world's leading manufacturer of smartphone with this operating system, converted to WhatsApp for Samsung in a successful couple.

The options of WhatsApp are becoming increasingly more attractive to customers because many users are complaining about the option of being able to delete the last login time, and said and done, the developers were applied and went to work for the joy of a tantrum and others, it is a good option so you don't have control on the part of your contacts, the only weak point of this section is the elimination of the buzzer impossible "in line" and "writing", because once you are inside the application all your contacts will know that these are using the app at that precise moment. It must be remembered that WhatsApp is an application whose license is valid for one year, having to be renewed annually.

Line App for iPad

Line, the app that Japanese in the middle of 2011 came on the market has generated a revolution in the instant messaging apps, cropping up a tough competitor to WhatsApp. Since then the expansion of Line has been unstoppable being recognized globally.

apps for ipad - Line

Basically the main characteristic of Line is the sending of text messages through the instant connection to the internet, without any limit to the number of characters in the body of the message. Unlike the queen messaging app, line is left wanting to be free for life, for the Android platform, Windows Phone, IOS and PC. The Japanese app has also developed several additional applications for its messaging app, the well-known Line apps.

It is clear that the bet to carry this app to your PC is to attract customers and exceed 400 million users, for this reason, there is no need to associate a mobile number to the app, but with a simple email account is enough to enjoy this great app. Within the application, the possibilities are many, such as the power to send thousands of 'Stickers' (emoticons of great size and different themes of manga style), or have embedded games in the same application, which makes the source of income for line is this, the sale of emoticons, as well as the games within the app.

The integration of a wall (timeline) similar to the one Facebook, and their own camera, makes the integration of so many choices is tired - just because you use the third part of the options that you offer. The most notable feature and that makes it a good clear of the app queen mother, is the ability to make VoIP calls, bone, calls that do not have a phone rate, but that in his case consume the megs of your data tariff, good option for those who want to have long conversations at no cost.

In our opinion one of the five best apps of instant messaging.