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iWatch the SmartWatch of Apple

"The new iWatch revolutionises the gadgets , perfect complements to our Smartphone". know all the best models of Smartwatch.

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iWatch of Apple. It was clear that since they came out the first leaks on the smartwatch (the expected iWatch), the direct competition from Apple have hastened to moved forward in time to get to market their own products trying to be part of the sales in this new technological sector.

iWatch and iPhone 6

The gadget from Apple, iWatch, was presented at the beginning of September of 2014 and whose exit to the market is supposed to be for the beginning of 2015. As has been mentioned above does not cease to be an accessory for the iPhone, complementing each other perfectly with him, giving it support functions in hitherto nonexistent offering a different experience and optimal.

iWatch - Apple Watch

Ping My iPhone

As commented in his presentation, the iWatch will not submersible, but if water resistant, i.e. , no one can be immersed, but if brave splashes, the rain and to the sweat of the body. One of the few features that saw the light in the presentation was "Ping My iPhone", whose functionality is to find your iPhone lost, making the iPhone beeps in the form of an alarm so that you can locate it more easily.

Apple Watch screen functions

Apps for iWatch

The apps that reside in the iWatch may be moved and ordered exactly the same as in any device from Apple, simply press two seconds the app and move it to our craving for all the watch display.

These were the only ones that features announced in his presentation, as you know all the technology companies look to leer at Apple, who surely will revolutionize the marketplace with its iWatch, with the features and the apps that run on it. The minimum price for the most basic model hover around the $350 and is in the air the price of the more expensive model.